How we do it

We ultilise the latest technology.

We bring together the building know-how, software knowledge and storytelling to create images that are accurate and emotive. 3d modelling software is constantly evolving and it is our passion for design and buildings which keeps us testing and pushing forward. We leverage all styles of images and movies to communicate our ideas and yours.

We can work in all software platforms and leverage post-processing to enhance your project. Talk to us about a commission and we will open the door into many possibilities for visual communication

From the drawing board to the multi-core processor.

Times have changed in visualisation and drafting. However, we realise that nothing can replace the human hand completely. So we still utilise classic media to capture organic ideas which will then be augmented by software. Classic photography still is at the basis of our communication; framing and setting the scene, lighting and perspective. All of the skills we have learnt are only complimented by the software.

We realise that we are here to organise the built environment and to communicate ideas. All of the images we make are grounded in buildability and reality.


Too often we find images that will bear no resemblance to the built work. These can leave clients and users disappointed with the outcomes. We pride ourselves on knowing how the construction works and thereby communicating accurately what will become the built work.

Moreover, this informs our design methodology, as we continue to strive for a refined building design that fits comfortably and sensitively within its context. If we succeed at this endeavour, the images will naturally show the design and its users in the imagined space.


We offer a premium Architectural drafting service for our clients. No matter the size, scale, building class or budget we can arrange documentation of your project for council approval and construction.

Talk to us about our methodologies or we can work with your current style. We strive to communicate with our or your builder and streamline your project to minimise waste and cost.

3D Modelling

We utilise:

  • Archicad
  • Revit
  • Sketchup
  • Rhino + Grasshopper
  • Twinmotion and Unreal Engine
  • Enscape
  • Vray

Visual Storytelling

Whether it be through digital collages, moving pictures or classical media, we will tell the story of your building and its use-value. We like to express the potential in spaces to complement a landscape or to enhance an urban experience.

Our interior imagery is built on quality life-like textures. We leverage our rendering software and adobe creative suite.


Photorealism is about depicting the built environment as close to reality as possible. This medium takes considerably longer and a lot more computer processing.

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