How we do it

A little of us and a lot of you..

When we take a brief, we are concerned with your vision and how the project can best fulfil your needs. Conversations are designed to get to the heart of the project and let the “big idea/s” flow through the design.

Once we are all aligned, we start to apply our skill to design and communication of ideas. We bring your builder/s or ours in early to create space in their program and an understanding of your project which helps with accuracy. Core to our method is a productive and trusting relationship between all parties, backed up by comprehensive documentation to assure quality.

The building industry is an ever-changing space and it is our job to ensure that we are up-to-date with matters which could affect your project. We bring together a group

of consultants who will ensure your project is realised on time and budget.

The cultural heritage and the contemporary context.

You may have noticed many trends in the building and interior design industry. They change from year to year and can quickly become standard or regrettable. Many good projects and big budgets are falling into disrepair and are considered ugly in our contemporary eyes.

We get to the essence or soul of the place you are building in and formulate a building which is timeless to its surroundings. Just like old cars and guitars become treasured collector’s items which increase in value, so to our built environment benefits from design. Your project should be fit for purpose and fit to the context.

We are called the lucky country for many reasons.

  • One reason is the beauty of our natural landscape and the materials it provides for our buildings
  • Our timber and stone last for lifetimes when cared for
  • Our land produces bricks as colourful and as hard as the country
  • Our soils give us precious material for steel, glass and other timeless finishes

We encourage the use of these materials for four reasons.

  1. They are part of our landscape
  2. They last as long as you care for them
  3. They can be reused forever if cared for
  4. They can be sourced locally

We bring these materials together to create forms which complement the landscape, urban or rural, and interior spaces that enhance everyday life.

Understanding your needs

We set out to listen to your needs then return with an assurance of direction. We explore the underlying opportunities and present you with options that may surprise and excite you.

Understanding the context

We explore your site and surroundings together and endeavour to develop a clear picture of what the past, present and future hold. Our solutions take into account your budget and your needs/desires. We endeavour to find opportunities for maximising potential and place making.

Contributing to a shared vision

Once we have settled on a direction with you, we keep you up-to-date and help take the stress out of the many decisions that need to be made. We keep the process open and transparent. You will see progress and feel part of a team.

Working closely with your Builder

Once a builder is selected we give them everything they will need for your project without ambiguity. We act in your interests while respecting your builders craft and time.

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