We are passionate about Australian buildings.

We are familiar with the Australian climate, environment and culture. Working with us brings together the best building contacts collected over decades and the vision to create an inspiring built environment.

We understand the demands that our land places on buildings. Whether its a new house, alteration and addition or something much bigger, we’ll creatively put together a comprehensive design that fits into our environment and context. We design experiences and find hidden potential.

Our history

An extraordinary journey.

“Gathered knowledge, valued colleagues and continual development.”

We formally started our company in 2017 with the purpose of creating better design outcomes. In particular, Michaels time in the construction industry learning various trades exposed him to the pillars and pitfalls of building. This knowledge now informs our companies attitude towards clients, colleagues and peers.

In the contemporary context, building design has become an integral part of creating value in peoples lives. Both equity and immediate quality of life are tied to design decisions whether we prioritise it or not. During the last two decades of design and building, Michael has witnessed successes when communication is open and effective.

Communication in the AEC industry is in a transition period where analogue plans and documents are being replaced by digital solutions with central points of information. Through our history in BIM and management, we have learnt that embracing and leveraging technology is only part of the solution.

Listen, listen, listen and learn.

Our history has taught us to listen thoroughly. Listen to clients, listen to builders and listen to mentors and colleagues. This lesson allows us to always learn and produce appropriate and buildable designs that meet your budget.

We have also learnt to listen to nature, built spaces and human reactions. When you commit to listening you start to connect to clients and colleagues in a meaningful and personal way. This is manifest in our project work and our client satisfaction.

Our simple manifesto

  • Always listen and learn
  • Our clients and their projects are part of a tradition of Australian design which is a response to us and our place
  • We create for our clients and turn that into a tangible and understandable reality
  • Honour our diverse clients and colleagues with respect and positivity
  • Stay excited by challenges and seek beauty in all its forms
  • The quality of the build and space is paramount

Our Services

Building design Created with Sketch.

Building Design

With a blend of education in Architecture, practical trade and construction management, we bring considerable ability to any project.
Interior design Created with Sketch.

Architectural Visualization and Drafting

We create still or moving digital images for web, screen or print media of any design or building.

Michael Scheltema

Director and Principal Building Designer

Michael has been in building and design for two decades. During his time in trade and construction, he developed a passion for spaces and materials. His career is now passionately focused on his clients’ needs and design praxis.

“I am in love with well-designed buildings and their ability to elevate everyday life in a quiet way. To some degree the buildings we live in and create also define us.” – Michael Scheltema

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